Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are fast becoming a must-have product for discerning homeowners, whether to replace existing Patio or French doors or to install in a new home extension. The ability to provide clear unobstructed openings of up to 90% has led to their increasing popularity. This is thanks in no small part to their regular appearances in TV home makeover programmes where they continue to provide the 'WOW' factor.

A bi-folding door opens up your home to create a seamless integration of your living space with your garden. They also make great internal doors to separate the main home from a conservatory. Tailor made from 2 metres to an impressive 6 metres wide, they offer a simple yet stunning way to enhance your home.


Liniar Bi-Fold DoorsLiniar's Bi-Fold plus folding-sliding doors are crammed full of innovative design features. They are environmentally friendly, being completely lead free. The doors are incredibly easy and smooth to operate and they need no maintenance. They utilise a shootbolt locking mechanism to ensure that the doors are bolted firmly into the stainless steel track, maximising your security.
The low threshold option creates less of a trip hazard making it ideal for family homes or as an internal room divider. The ultra low threshold is just 24mm in height and is available in gold or silver finishes to match the hardware of the doors. Also available is a tray for the low threshold to sit in, creating an easy access ramp for wheelchair users.


The doors are available in White, Cream, Oak and Rosewood finishes as standard. We also offer a wide range of alternative colours and finishes as an optional extra so you can tailor the doors to suit your home. The handles and hinges are available in white, chrome or gold finishes to complement your choice of colour for your door.

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The Liniar bi-fold range is available in a wide range of opening styles including styles unique to Liniar to suit all sizes of door openings. With the option of internal or external opening we are sure that there will be a door suitable to fit your needs.

Quality Bi-Fold Doors from Window Elegance

Window Elegance Bi-Fold Door

Quality Bi-Fold Doors from Window Elegance

Bi Fold Doors